Ubisoft reveals free Driver DLC

22 new routes for all online modes releasing over the coming months

Ubisoft has announced the first DLC updates for Driver: San Francisco.


It'll release 12 new routes for all online modes on September 15 free of charge. Following that, Ubisoft will launch another free route each week for the following ten weeks.

Driver: San Francisco's games-to-web community service, Driver Club, has also gone live, allowing players to:

  • Unlock exclusive achievements
  • Find your stats and check the leaderboards
  • Showcase your film director clips
  • See and rate your friends' clips
  • Review the Community facts
  • Follow your friends' activities using the Driver Social feed

Earlier today, Ubisoft waived Driver's online pass fee after a number of multiplayer unlock codes contained in game boxes were incorrectly printed.