10 things I wish I knew before playing Resistance 3

How to dunk a grenade, ruin Christmas, find the elusive Jack, make a Warden puke and MORE

This is the best Resistance yet. It's varied, thrilling and technically impressive, and its world is one of the most evocative and atmospheric on PS3. Humanity has all but given up trying to fight the Chimera, so there are no big-scale military battles this time - it's a smaller, darker game, almost a survival horror at times. Here are some top tips to prepare you for battle, as well as details on specific Trophies that are easy to miss.


1. Destroy the Christmas decorations
In Chapter 5 you travel through a sunken town by boat. When Malikov alerts you about incoming Chimeran dropships, look to your left for a cardboard santa and sleigh perched on a roof. Shoot it to unlock the Slaybells Trophy.

2. Dunk a grenade
At the end of Chapter 9 when you fight the Widowmaker, look for a basketball hoop. If you can chuck a grenade through it you'll unlock the Nothing But Net Trophy. It's actually fairly easy; just bounce the 'nade off the backboard.

3. Protect the priest
When you're protecting the priest in the coal mine, make ample use of the Atomizer. When he's working on restoring power to the elevator, use its secondary fire function. This creates a portal that sucks enemies towards it, leaving them helpless. The priest will barely take a hit.

4. Destroy the blast roots
If the Gardener Trophy ('destroy 100 blast roots') is proving too tedious, just play Chapter 5 a few times. The level is full of the things, and it won't take long to reach 100. If you don't know, blast roots are the glowing orange 'zits' you see growing out of the ground / walls.

5. How to find Jack
Wondering who the hell 'Jack' even is during the prison level? Confusingly, he's not a person at all - rather a jack-in-the-box toy you find at a dead end in the sewers beneath the cells. Shoot him to unlock the 'One Eyed Jack' Trophy.

6. Unlock bonus features
Finished the game? Don't forget to spend your accumulated points in the extras menu. You can unlock 'making of' videos, multiplayer titles and other nuggets. The harder your difficulty setting, the more points you get.

7. Don't kill the Chimera
Your second battle with the Widowmaker is in Times Square, New York, and you'll be joined by a load of Chimera. They'll be too distracted by the feral Widowmaker to bother you, so don't bother them. If you don't kill any of them you'll unlock the 'In This Together' Trophy.

8. Destroy the Wardens' vehicles
The 'No Escape' Trophy is easy to miss. When the battle erupts between the Wardens and the Chimera outside the prison, destroy all vehicles you see before finishing the level.

9. Ration out your health packs
In a world where recharging health is the norm, Resistance 3's health bar takes a bit of getting used to. Good practice, especially in the big 'arena'-style levels, is NOT to collect every bit of health you see. Only pick it up if you really need it, because chances are you'll be limping around later with a sliver of health and nothing to restore it.

10. The best place for melee attacks
The best place to get the 'Backstabber' Trophy ('kill 20 enemies with melee while they're idle') is in the prison. As you sneak through the cells you'll come across a lot of oblivious Wardens with their backs turned to you. It's the 'idle' bit that's important - melee kills on enemies alerted to your presence won't count. Stay hidden.

Bonus tip! Since we're feeling generous...

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