New 3DS circle pad: first official picture, release date revealed

Nintendo releases all the details at TGS

Nintendo has officially revealed the controversial new circle pad attachment for the 3DS.


Pictures and details came from the platform holder last night at TGS, along with the Japanese pricing and release date.

The circle pad attachment will be launching on December 10 (the same date as Monster Hunt 3G) at a price of 1,500 yen, which is around £12 but don't necessarily expect a straight conversion.

It uses a single AAA battery and - the Nintendo Japan website is kind enough to point out - will not work on its own.

Nintendo's also released an initial list of titles that the circle pad attachment will be compatible with.

Along with Monster Hunter 3G, Resident Evil Revelations, Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D, Ace Combat 3D, Dynasty Warriors Vs and Kingdom Hearts 3D are all mentioned.

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We've included a picture of the compatibility logo (below) you'll find on upcoming games that include second circle pad functionality.

So, Nintendo won't be doing an Apple and giving us the second circle pad for free but, we have to say, it does look at tad better in the official pics.