Modern Warfare 3 campaign longer than MW2 - Sledgehammer

Activision-owned studio boss Glen Schofield talks single-player

CoD fans who found Modern Warfare 2's single-player story a little on the short side, rejoice: Activision-owned studio Sledgehammer believes that Modern Warfare 3's campaign is something of a meatier beast.


Speaking to CVG, Sledgehammer CEO Glen Schofield said that although MW3's campaign length "really depends on the player", it's shaping up to be noticeably longer than its predecessor.

"My feeling - and the feeling of most of us - is that it's longer than Modern Warfare 2," he said.

Check out our single-player-themed video interview below for more, in which Schofield also reveals that the campaign is being "polished like crazy".

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Modern Warfare 3 is being co-created by Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward, assisted by Raven Software. It is due for release worldwide for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on November 8.