Gaming's greatest fatties

A round-up of gaming's most rotund...

The world of games does not like fat people. Unless you're barrel chested and lantern-jawed (preferably with a shaved head) then you must be the overweight villain or big boned sidekick.

Where the line is crossed isn't as clear. A few pounds? Slightly chunky? One thing's clear, clock in at a weight of "JESUS GET OFF ME!" on the talking scales and you're only fit for maniacal laughter or clammy-skinned perversion as the bad guy.

Or, if you're good, jokes about getting stuck in doors or trying to wear an undersized disguise. Either way the outlook isn't good: you won't get the girl, you'll probably be the (enormous) butt of the humour or, more likely, be in some way horribly killed long before the hero kicks back with babes, beer and a self-righteous feeling of superiority.

MGS2: Sons Of Liberty, PS2
Named after the Nagasaki nuke from WWII, Fatman is a mess of contradictions. Capable of building hugely destructive bombs, he considers his work art, and keeps the tools of his craft - his hands - baby soft and manicured.

Then there are the in-line skates which are in no way practical for, A) a man built like a chunky bald bear and, B) someone who plays with explosives. He built an atomic bomb aged ten, although it looks like he's got stupider with age as in MGS2 all his bombs can be disarmed by freezing.

He's hired by the Patriots to test Raiden as part of the Solid Snake Simulation program - an attempt to recreate MGS's Shadow Moses incident and use the data to build an army of Snake clones.

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Street Fighter IV, PS3
Watching Rufus' belly gently undulate before a match is actually quite relaxing; right up to the point where he punches your teeth out of the back of your neck. Despite looking like 300 pounds of jelly poured into a unitard, Rufus is actually one of the most dangerous combatants in Street Fighter IV.

He fights well both offensively and defensively and, while he hasn't got a projectile attack, he's got two lethal moves: the Galactic Tornado, a fast, spinning punch attack, and the Messiah Kick, a tricky to block flying kick.

He's got a fat head too. Despite learning Kung Fu from books, movies and a brief road trip through China to hone his technique, he's declared himself 'America's Greatest Fighter'; becoming an instant rival of Ken who, you know, is America's Greatest Fighter.

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Manhunt, PS2
Presumably, Piggsy used to be a normal man. Maybe conscious of his size, maybe just fancying something new he decides to change his image. It's a brave look: a mix of chubby pink flesh, wiener swinging in the breeze, a rotting pig's head stretched over his face with a blood-splattered chainsaw as an accessory.

It says 'I accept my weight, don't feel the cold, and couldn't care less if they find the bodies'. Piggsy's actually Manhunt's snuff director Starkweather's star performer. When the 'hero' Cash meets him for a climactic battle in Starkweather's mansion, the porky one's mass causes him to fall through the floor. As he's hanging over a huge drop, Cash picks up the chainsaw and lops off his arms, causing this little piggy to buy the farm.

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Hitman: Contracts, PS2
One problem morbidly obese men face is how to get girls. Especially if you like eating all day, naked. The Meat King (based on Fat Bastard from the Austin Powers films) gets around this by immigrating to Romania and holding opium-fuelled fetish parties in a bloody slaughterhouse. Chicks dig that, right?

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