Aliens Colonial Marines: What we want to see

Here's our list but what do YOU want?

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Hopefully the fact that Colonial Marines focuses entirely on being a marine will mean that Gearbox's entry will offer 'Alien' fans a more complete gaming experience.

But AvP's multiplayer is another outstanding feature, particularly its last-man-standing based mode: Infestation. This sees one player begin the game as an alien with the objective to kill other players (all initially marines), who after being killed, transform and spend the rest of the game as a xenomorths hunting whoever's left.

These modes make provide some genuinely tense and high octane gameplay and we hope to see this sort of multiplayer experience feature in Colonial Marines.

One cool feature we're already excited about is the promise of 4 player split screen, which will give players a break from AI team mates, enabling them to take on hordes of aliens whilst working together with friends online.



During one scene in 'Aliens', the marines enter the nest, but quickly discover that firing their weapons will result in a massive explosion. The sensible decision is made and the marines receive orders to hold their fire.

We want to see scenarios just like that in the game, as well as limitations on ammo and health supplies. We think it would add an extra element of suspense. Restrictions would make a situation seem all the more desperate and terrifying, allowing the player to become completely absorbed in the experience.

As for the weapons, the game will feature all of the original guns from the movies including pulse rifles, shotguns, flamethrowers, smartguns, sentry turrets, pistols, frag grenades and the awesome Queen killing power loader!

The game has the player take command of 4 different marines so you can bet that each one will slot into a different weapons class, each with their own abilities and objectives. This will hopefully make for some varied gameplay, giving players a chance to get their hands on all sort of hardware and experience a range of different scenarios.

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