FIFA 12 vs. PES 2012: Which demo does it for you?

Debate: Your impressions so far...

Now that 360 fans have finally been given a chance to get to grips with a PES 2012 demo, we can kick off initial impressions on this year's footie-sim season as Konami goes up against EA Sport's FIFA franchise once again.

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Konami's spent the last few years sitting on the bench while FIFA looked to be improving on the pitch with every game. With the turn of the generation, PES failed to make the next-gen jump while FIFA showed it was ready to up its game.

That is until last year when Konami overhauled almost every element of the PES engine to give its football a completely different feel. It took a step towards the sim, even if it didn't go all the way to challenging FIFA head on.

But in the end, the general consensus was that FIFA still had the edge, with PES not quite winning over enough of the simulation population and some long-time PES fans still pining for the classic magic of PES 4 and 5.

The point, though, is that Konami came closer to regaining its crown than it has done for years. It gained real ground on FIFA by creating a football experience with more weight and authenticity while still maintaining some of that PES frenzy.


If the Japanese developer can build on last year's foundations this could be the year when the old champ regains the top spot. If EA manages to add to last year's stunning effort, this season's winner could be decided on goal difference.

Thing is, we can answer some of the questions already. Everyone (PS3, PC and 360 players alike) now has both a PES 2012 demo and a FIFA 12 demo in front of them, hopefully played to death.

They may not be the final product but they should be pretty good representations. So, which one do you find yourself drawn to most? Is FIFA still on top or could PES finally clinch it once again.

Which features do you like about each? Which do you hate? Which part of their game do the two developers need to improve before release to claim your cash?