Skyrim is 'very comfortable' on Xbox, data management 'easier than PC'

Bethesda details advantages and disadvantages of working on console

Bethesda Softworks says it's "very comfortable" developing its RPG giant Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on Xbox 360, and claimed the aging console even has some working advantages over PC.


Speaking in the latest issue of Edge - which is with subscribers now - gamed director Todd Howard explained he's found it a lot easier working on consoles the third time around, but conceded PC hardware has "moved on a lot".

"We are very comfortable on 360," he said. "Yes, it will look better on PC. The PC has moved on a lot. With the kinds of things we do where we are streaming a lot, even your average hard drive on your average PC these days is crazy fast at ripping data.

"The negative on PC is that there are still a lot of layers of API before you can look at the hardware. So we might be able to get the data faster on PC, but what we do with that data is still easier on 360 and PS3 where we can look directly at the memory registers and do what we want.

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"This is our third go around on these systems, so we are a lot more comfortable than we used to be."

So confident is Bethesda in the console versions of its role-playing stunner, it's opting to show off Skyrim on Xbox 360 at trade shows, claiming it's "much easier" to demo.

Bethesda recently announced that the debut Skyrim DLC will release first on Xbox 360. The game launches on November 11 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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