Forza 4: 'Holding on to 360 has enabled stunning graphics'

Game director Dan Greenawalt tells us why he doesn't need Xbox 720

Forza 4 is bringing a graphical standard to the table that would make a lot of developers weep.

Turn 10 has hit upon almost photorealistic visuals for the latest version of its simulation racer and it's taking full advantage not only on the track but in its new Autovista mode as well.

Whether you're using Kinect in the game's virtual garage to stand back and take in the whole chassis of a super car or actually getting in the driver's seat to check out the stitching on the steering wheel, every pixel shines.

But, in part one of our Forza 4 interview, game director Dan Greenawalt disputes the common call for a next generation of consoles.


He says that rather than inhibit Turn 10's options, the established hardware has enabled the development team to hit the graphical standards it has.

Watch the video below to see what Greenawalt has to say. Oh and there's also some brand new screenshots slapped below to remind you just how amazing Forza 4 is looking.

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