28 percent of 3DS users don't like 3D - survey

And 13 percent turn off 3D altogether

A new pole estimates that around 28 percent of 3DS owners feel the system's 3D effect detracts from the gameplay experience.


According to research firm Interpret LLC, over a quarter of 3DS players disagree that the 3D adds to the gaming experience.

Just over 60 percent of the 1600 polled were aware of Nintendo's handheld - which is apparently an improvement over last year - but only 28 percent of those people were aware that the handheld didn't require 3D glasses. D'oh!

While 22 percent of those polled thought the 3D effect improved gameplay, 28 percent disagreed, saying they thought it detracted from the gaming experience. 13 percent of people even preferred to flick the 3D off completely.

23 percent did, however, believe that the ability to perceive depth would give them a competitive advantage in games.

Interpret SVP of strategy and analysis Dan Casey said personal experience with 3D was key, and that satisfaction among those who have experienced the effect is 'generally high'.

The most significant challenge for 3D, he went on, is simply education. "A theme you'll see over and over again is just the need to educate people," said Casey.

The 3DS has soared back to the top of sales charts since its price drop in August, following disappointing launch-window sales.

[ SOURCE: GameSpot ]