FIFA 12 review: Your questions answered

Filling the gaps

We chucked our FIFA 12 review onto the web on Friday and hopefully covered most of the burning questions you had prior.


But we can't anticipate and answer every one of your queries in one clean swoop, so now it's time to get to the nitty-gritty.

First thing's first, "How's Rooney's hair looking?" Thanks for bringing that up, El Mag. You're right - we need to get the big stuff out of the way. The answer is, fuller than last year. It doesn't however, appear to have increased his rating though, so don't worry, he hasn't lost any of his streamlined sprint speed.

On to the actual football, kirankara asks about player AI and, specifically, whether or not strikers actually make ambitious runs.

We have to say, if you've already played the demo, you'll probably have a pretty good measure of this. We still get frustrated with strikers failing to push the defensive line and break through it when our attacking midfield or winger is gaining on them.

We've noticed some improvement on last year though and it's really a case of holding on to the ball until your forward decides he's found a way through. Patience.

A few people asked about player sprint speeds, claiming that some of the slower centre backs seemed to have little trouble keeping up with the likes of Messi and Walcott.

We find the opposite to be true. Whenever we miss a tackle with some middling defender we find it really difficult to catch up to the sprinting striker. Having said that FIFA 12 is more about knowing how to beat people with bursts of speed; when it comes to the likes of Messi and Walcott, you're able to push away from a slower player with a flick forward of the right stick - just make sure there's space in front of you.

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wrightandrewjame, Reegeee and Micheil794 had questions about the depth of the game's Career Mode. It is slightly deeper thanks to the morale system, new player qualms and more realistic and impactful injuries that come with the new physics engine. You'll have to be really careful about overusing players.

Micheil794 asked about comparisons to Football Manager, though, and we have to say it's nowhere near that level but then we don't think that's what EA Sports is or should be aiming for.

As far as player transfer are concerned, as you'll read in our review, we snapped up Henry and Elano for Bolton as our first signings without hassle. We also signed Jagielka for West Ham in the Championship for £7m. We'll let you judge how realistic that is.

The biggest question on people's minds, however, seems to be this new tackling system. It's tough to get to grips with and seems to be causing a bit of panic but we really would urge you to keep plugging away at it.

We lost a lot of games by massive deficits to begin with but once you do get the hang of tackling (and you will) every interception will feel so much more satisfying than it has in previous iterations.

What we would say is don't try to use the jockey and tackle combo technique that's EA Sports has suggested by using A/X to home in and timing B/circle to stick a leg in. For us it doesn't quite work.

Instead do everything manually. Use LT/L2 to jockey if you want otherwise just learn to run into the player with the left stick, using B/circle to do a standing tackle or X/square to slide.

You'll feel like a plonker at first for running straight past the man in possession but it just takes practice.

Finally TheLastDodo, we're going to be honest and say we haven't tried to change Rooney's undershirt. We feel like we've failed you so we'll try it tonight and get back to you.

If you've any other questions, keep asking in the comments and we'll do our best to get back to you.