Kane & Lynch 3 outed by IO job listing?

Unannounced third person game with "strong cooperative multiplayer elements"

IO has put out a number of job listings to work on a game with features that hint at Kane & Lynch 3.


The studio's looking to fill multiple programming roles that bring to mind the grimy, third-person action series.

There's also call for a senior multiplayer programmer to work on multiplayer technology that "lays the foundation for a yet unannounced 3rd person game with strong cooperative multiplayer elements."

Other listings point to "an unannounced AAA action title".

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It's a bit late in the day to be adding to the Hitman Absolution team and, with the focus on co-op multiplayer, Kane & Lynch 3 is the most likely candidate.

Despite a much better reception for Kane & Lynch 2 compared to its predecessor, even IO admits that the series is like Marmite. So you'll either love or hate the idea of a third.

[ SOURCE: IO job listings ]