Red Faction destruction engine may live on

Volition keen on using Geomod again, considered it for Saint's Row The Third

THQ may have killed off the Red Faction series for now, but its destruction-happy engine, Geomod, may live on in other games.


That's according to the studio behind RF, Volition, who are currently hard at work on Saint's Row: The Third.

The developer's Greg Donovan told the latest edition of Xbox World magazine that although the firm "considered" using Geomod in SR: TT, it decided that the engine's inclusion would be "game-breaking".

That's not to say, however, that it won't make a return in future - even in the Saint's Row series.

"It's a possibility we could use Geomod in Saints Row and, yes, we considered it [for SR3]," said Donovan. "For Saint's Row The Third, we decided not to do it, partially due to time reasons but also because you could make a good argument that if you had full-on destruction then it's not a Saints Row game.

"A lot of those structures are mission-critical because they take place in the interior, so if you could allow users to decimate the entire world, what would you have left? It's game-breaking.

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"As far as Geomod goes, that's our most mature tech now. I don't know what THQ has planned for it but personally I would say it would be a shame if it didn't go anywhere. That's unlikely to be the case."

Volition was acquired by THQ 11 years ago. In addition to Saints Row and Red Faction, the US company has created The Punisher and The Summoner series.

Saints Row The Third is due for release on November 15 in the US and three days later in Europe.