PSM3's top 5 Battlefield 3 beta tips

Bumper Syndicate issue on news stands now

The Battlefield 3 beta opens to all today following two days of exclusivity to those who pre-ordered the game from Origin or bought last year's Medal of Honor Limited Edition.


For those jumping in fresh, you're probably going to need some shootin' tips to survive among those two-day veterans - step in PSM3, which has published its top five Battlefield 3 beta tips for rookies.

The mag's latest issue boasts a ten-page exclusive on that game you may have noticed scattered on the front page of CVG this afternoon - EA's slick FPS reboot Syndicate.

An abridged Syndicate preview is online now, but for more details, exclusive screenshots and opinion you'd best buy PSM3 online and have it delivered to your door

PSM3 issue 145 also goes hands-on with Arkham City, Skyrim and PES 2012, takes an early look at Suda 51's mental Lollipop Chainsaw, and goes behind the scenes at the ultra-cool HQ of inFamous creators Sucker Punch.