Psychonauts PC gets unexpected update

Achievements, tweaks, an app and a Mac version

Here's something we definitely weren't expecting: there's an update available for the Steam version of Double Fine's excellent platformer Psychonauts.


The out-of-nowhere update adds achievements, cloud saves and makes some tweaks to the infamously difficult Meat Circus area, which was the focus of much ire when it was released back in 2005.

The game is also available on Apple's Mac store along with the 'Psychonauts Vault Viewer' app, which features the Memory Vaults from the game with new audio commentary from creators Tim Schafer and Scott Campbell.

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Double Fine has more recently released a few stellar Xbox Live and PSN titles in the form of Stacking, Costume Quest and Trenched. After running into a few legal issues, Trenched will be released in Europe as Iron Brigade.

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