Are gamers living in a fantasy world? Has FIFA 12 changed for the better? Listen to the PSM3 Podcast now!

The team debate sensationalist headlines, answer your Qs, and pick out the best PS3 games available now

At the end of a week where national free newspaper The Metro accused gamers of being unable to tell the real world from the game world, the team get tangled in the knotty issue of whether gamers are living in a fantasy land. Are we? We asked our pet unicorn and it simply didn't have the answers, so we were forced into a debate. Elsewhere in the podcast, we chat about the games available in shops right now, including FIFA 12, Shadow Of The Colossus HD, and Dark Souls - the meanest, but possibly best-designed, game on PS3. And to round it off we answer your reader questions and impersonate Sean Connery. Poorly.

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