FIFA 13: What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

Our FIFA 12 review will tell you that we think the footie sim series has hit a brand new stride with the addition of some very successful new features.

It'll also tell you, however, that it hasn't been a completely painless transition with some minor cracks being created in the rebuilding process.

Not to worry though, FIFA 12 is still a top notch game and any improvements for FIFA 13 need only be slight adjustments rather than big fixes.

Here are a few things that we think would put the icing on the cake for next season's FIFA offering.



Thanks to the new physics engine in FIFA 12 there are now more ways than ever to end a player's career. We've had matches with as many as two broken ankles featuring. Needless to say that while realistic physics makes for some nuanced, tactical pushing and shoving it brings more clattering and battering to the beautiful game as well.

The physicality of FIFA has been upgraded, then, but the referees apparently didn't get the memo. We've some horrific challenges that have seen stud-speared legs snapped from under a player leaving his face to smash into turf at break-neck speed.

We once studded a centre back in the thigh so hard that he flew into touch. Poor lad wasn't even on the ball and yet not a toot came from the referee's whistle. Not because the man in black decided to play advantage, but because he simply didn't deem the assault as a foul.

The physics engine makes it easier for the player to see fouls but now referees need an upgrade in the optical department to spot them as well.

Don't get us wrong, there's nothing like getting away with a blatant foul every now and then, we want the refs to be realistic not infallible but they definitely need to flag up 90 percent of the on-pitch crimes we've committed come next season.


We've said it before and we'll say it again. The players on the pitch look fantastic, the stadiums look brilliant, the commentators sound great and, with new and more authentic chants added every year, even the fans themselves sound top notch.

But boy does that capacity crowd look ugly. We're not talking Smackdown vs. Raw ugly here, where the arena audience is a bit basic and bland but still a 3D crowd that's easy enough on the eye, we're talking cardboard cut-out ugly.

We appreciate that some of the biggest football stadiums in the world can hold close to one hundred thousand but we actually think the crowds look worse this year than last year. To say the individual fans are flat and lacking detail is an understatement - they're little more than a cluster of pixels thrown onto a plank of wood.


We're not expecting full 3D renders but a little bit of a brush up would be nice. Oh and while we're here, can we ask why absolutely every fan in the whole stadium owns the team's home kit? 10/10 for fan base loyalty but the FIFA 12 crowds look far more uniform than any we've ever seen.


We understand why it's only the top players that get the true lookalike treatement but, to be honest, chaps like John Terry and Christiano Ronaldo are pretty much bob on right now. If their faces were put into next year's game without a hint of an update, we really wouldn't mind. Heck, we might not even notice.

Instead of going over the same handful of players with the update brush, why not give some of the lesser earners a touch up with the realism brush? It's not like it's just the lowest clubs that need a look at after all, most of the teams in the Premiership have got a squad of pretty generic looking players. If EA Sports spent the next few years slowly working its way down the leagues, it wouldn't take too long before we had the Prem and Championship at least properly catered for.

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