Rage review: What do you want to know?

CVG's Rage review isn't far away...

CVG's Rage review isn't far away, ahead of the full game's release in European shops this Friday, October 7.

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It feels like forever since Doom house id Software first showed off its Mad Max-esque FPS - it was four years ago in fact, way back in August 2007. Has it been worth the wait? Is Id Tech 5 that impressive any more? Those are the questions we'll aim to answer when our review goes live - but we know you've got more specific queries.

We aim to answer every one of your main queries in our write-up - but as we did with FIFA 12, we recognise that we won't be able to cover every specific thing you lot want to know.

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So we're turning our Rage review over to you, readers. Tell us any specific things you want to know about the game and we'll do our best to answer them in our verdict right here on CVG...