Mario Kart 7 gets Tanooki suit power-up - screens

Reflect shells and bully others with it

In a treat for classic Mario fans, Nintendo has revealed the Tanooki suit will be included as a power-up in Mario Kart 7.


Mario Kart 7 is the first game in the long-running series to feature the Tanooki suit, which made its franchise debut in Super Mario Bros. 3.

The Super Leaf, which is what Mario traditionally uses to transform into the racoon, offers both "offensive and defensive abilities".

The Tanooki tail can be used to "both protect you from incoming shells and to whip opponents off the track". We look forward to putting that to use on Rainbow Road. Have a look at the screenshots below to see it in action.

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Nintendo revealed a few new Mario Kart 7 details last month, when it said the game will automatically exchange player ghost data with other nearby 3DS systems.

It will also include Metal Mario as a completely new character and a first-person mode, which allows players to steer using the 3DS gyroscope.