Crytek 'considering' Flash support after Unreal stunner

"It is an interesting approach we've been investigating as well"

Crytek has confirmed it's looking into supporting Flash in its development platform CryEngine, telling Edge it will announce a "truly cross-platform solution" in the near future.


Earlier this week Epic Games announced that Unreal Engine 3 now supports Adobe's Flash, showing off impressive footage of Unreal Tournament 3 running in a web browser.

In an email, Carl Jones, director of global business development for CryEngine, said Crytek had been thinking along similar lines to Epic for some time.

"It is an interesting approach we've been investigating as well," he told Edge. "We're developing a unifying technology to create high quality social and gaming experiences on all platforms including browser, smartphones, tablets, etc.

"We hope to be able to tell you more about it soon when we present our truly cross-platform solution."

Crytek is currently developing Warface, a free-to-play multiplayer shooter aimed at the Korean and Asian markets.

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[ SOURCE: Edge ]