Buy Rage for as cheap as 99p: Deal round-up

It's slim pickings on id shooter savings, but we've found one or two

Id shooter Rage hits shelves today and if you were swayed by our review you're probably scouring the net for cheap Rage deals.


Well, we've done our best for you lot but in all honest there's nothing out there that's absolutely blown the cash out of our wallets. Still, with an RRP of £49.99 there are some prices out there worth a look.

Both and Amazon are offering a saving of around a tenner, pricing Rage at £38.89.

Blockbuster manages to do a little better at £34.99.

But it's Asda that swoops in as the bricks and mortar store with the lowest straight up Rage price, offering the id Shooter for £32.97

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There is one deal that caught our eye though. Although both GAME and gamestation are offering Rage for £37.99 and the Anarchy Edition for £39.99, GAME Trade-In customers can pick up RAGE for 99p when trading in F1 2011, FIFA 12, Dead Island and Gears of War 3 before the October 13.

Don't worry gamestation fans, you can get an extra £10 off Rage when trading in any two games.

As always though, it's the PC players that will get Rage for cheapest, trade-ins aside. The likes of Steam and D2D are offering the FPS for just under £30 but Amazon is willing to give you Rage for £25.70.