Team Bondi creditors owed £900k

Unpaid wages or bonuses accounted for over 75 percent of the LA Noire developer's debt

Following this week's news that Team Bondi is to officially close its doors, the extent of the LA Noire developer's debt has been revealed by documents provided to the Australian Securities And Investments Commission.


Obtained by Edge, the filings show the studio had a total debt to creditors of AU$1,425,156.78 (£900,051). 33 staff credited for their work on the Rockstar game were owed a combined $1,074,283.28 (£678,459) in unpaid wages or bonuses.

Among those, studio head Brendan McNamara claims to be owed $102,495.16, general manager Vicky Lord $99,155.21 and gameplay lead David Heironymus $43,652.

Depth Analysis, McNamara's Sydney-based firm that developed MotionScan, LA Noire's highly-praised facial animation technology, is also reported to be owed $145,795.83.

Earlier this week, a liquidator was appointed to wind up the company at the request of creditors. They'll handle the sale of Team Bondi's remaining assets and payment of outstanding debts.

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