'Square Enix needs to stop making HD footage of Final Fantasy 7'

Mailbox: Have you had enough of the teasing?

On last week's mailbox Ari Shah wrote in to Games Master to ask what the deal is with all the Call of Duty hate.


This week Brendan Richardson e-mailed GM to say he's had enough of Square Enix teasing a Final Fantasy 7 remake and says that they should either put up or shut up.

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There's something I need to know: are Square Enix going to make a next-gen remake of Final Fantasy 7? I've seen the tech demo for PS3 on YouTube, but are they going to make it or are they just teasing us? I know (as a fan of FF7 myself) that it's risky, as the fans might not like the changes they make to it. If you ask me they only need to update the graphics - any other changes annoy me and I'm guessing a lot of other people too.

So can you shed any light on this? Is there going to be a remake or not? And if not Square Enix needs to stop making HD footage of it! It's like hanging a bacon sandwich in front of a vegetarian and telling them not to eat it!

GM says: We're not sure you 'get' how being a vegetarian works Brendan, but we like the cut of your jib when you're talking Final Fantasy. We find it bewildering that Square hasn't already milked the biggest cash cow in their farm - especially as they haven't been shy in re-releasing Final Fantasies 1-6. Perhaps there will be a 15th Anniversary edition for PSP Vita or 3DS next year?

CVG says: Before we go to bed every night we drop to our knees in front of our bed, place our elbows on the clean, crisp, undisturbed sheets and clasp our hands together. We close our eyes real tight, thinking for a second, before focusing our thoughts into our hands - our conduit - and then resolutely whisper to the gaming gods, "please make Square Enix redo Final Fantasy 7 for the current generation of consoles".

Maybe it's the voice of the digital dieties or maybe it's just the whisper of the passing winds, sweeping what we already know deep down to the front of our minds, but every night the whispering reply echos "not while you chumps are all still buying the current games, you won't see a remake until they absolutely need it".

A single tear trickles down of our foolishly hopeful faces. Maybe tomorrow eh?

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