Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Will Ezio's curtain call also be his finest hour?

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But while you've been Batmanning around the city, the Templars are also on the march and are now threatening to storm your Assassin den. Replacing the Borgia towers mechanic from Brotherhood, Dens are a new tower-defence style mini-game which puts Ezio in command as the Templars lay siege to your gates.
From a rooftop overview you place units to defend the approach, beginning with Assassin leaders and crossbowmen to meet the first wave and you can also place barricades to block the street which the Templar attackers will have to tear down.

Every kill improves your morale score which can be spent on additional units like the riflemen necessary to bring down more heavily armoured targets. When the Templars resort to bringing up a siege ram to batter you into submission, you can counter by calling down artillery fire in the form of cannon strikes to rain death and destruction on your foes. Maintaining control of your ten Dens will be key in the wider conflict for the city and Den battles promise to be an interesting and diverting new feature, which add a strategic element, very much in keeping with Ezio's venerable status.

After further embroiling ourselves in several missions the wider Ottoman versus Byzantium conflict, an encounter with our student friend from earlier who turns out to be Sulieman the (not yet) magnificent, and a very welcome minstrel punching foray, we eventually found our way back to the Galata Tower, ready to have a crack at retrieving one of Altair's seals.

These impressive underground sequences are reminiscent of the old Assassins Tombs, big set-piece puzzle areas with spectacular leaps and falls, collapsing bridges, precarious zip lines, falling ceilings, huge fathomless drops and a thorough examination of your free-running skills. These were always one of our favourite parts of the series and Revelations continues in that fine tradition. Your reward for solving one will be a trip back through time, unlocking new memory sequences and the secrets of a certain Alta´r ibn-La'Ahad.

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