Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Will Ezio's curtain call also be his finest hour?

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We'll confess we're big fans of the whole AC series, but after a long, deep and highly enjoyable play session with Revelations, we have to say, colour us impressed. The same great core AC gameplay is there as always, but with a splendid new setting in Constantinople, new components like the hookblade, Dens and bomb-crafting (which we barely had time to touch on), there are also many subtle but intriguing refinements on offer.

We've deliberately tried to avoid 'OMG Think of the Spoilerz!' in this preview, so we'll just say that the quick peek we've had at the storyline promises a thrilling and fitting conclusion to AC's Renaissance adventures. Needless to say we'll be one of the first in line when Revelations hits on November 11th.

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