DICE: Battlefield 'offers so much more than Call of Duty'

But developer admits it "feels good" to be compared to the CoD juggernaut

Battlefield 3 producer Patrick Liu believes his series has the edge on Call of Duty, although he admits he's just pleased the title's being compared to the current FPS genre king.


"It feels good," to be compared to Call of Duty, he told Gamasutra. "They're behemoths, and just the notion that we would be able to take a chunk from their gamers is awesome.

"They're both military shooters, but in terms of flavour and style they're different," Liu added. "But we offer so much more than they do, I think; but that's me."

The producer also said DICE has robust plans for Battlefield 3 post-launch support as the studio moves to embrace the philosophy of "games as a service".

"The launch of the game is really just a start, and then we plan to support the game as long as it's needed with new content, patches, balancing, and tweaking the game. We have a team dedicated just for that."

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[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]