Will Nightwing feature in Batman: Arkham City's campaign?

Video debate: Surprises we want to see in the Rocksteady sequel...

Welcome to CVG's first ever 'Video Debate', a small bundle of moving pictures and firing synapses that will become a regular feature in our little corner of the web.

Here it is. Our Batman: Arkham City review, read it to get
the CVG verdict.


To kick things off Tamoor and Tom talk Batman: Arkham City and, more specifically, the kind of surprises they hope Rocksteady will spring on them in its latest Dark Knight adventure.

The first two discussions cover Bane and where the studio will take his character along with the possibility of Nightwing making an appearance in the game's campaign.

We should say that Nightwing has just been announced as DLC, which he wasn't at the time of filming. Does that scupper Tom's theory of Dick Grayson being more than a Challenge Map character?

We'll be delivering Arkham City talking points right up to our Batman: Arkham City review on Friday, when some light will finally be shed on whether Rocksteady really does have a few twists left up its sleeve.

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