16 actors injured on Resident Evil movie set

Zombie costumes made it difficult to assess the severity of injuries

16 actors dressed as zombies have been injured falling from a platform on the set of the latest Resident Evil flick.

It's alright, these guys are safe

Twelve victims have been taken to hospital, with one sustaining a cracked rib, another a broken leg and a third believed to have suffered a back injury. Seven of the actors are thought to have returned to the Resident Evil: Retribution set.

Police constable Tony Vella said the actors were on a on a high-wheeled platform which moved as they attempted to transfer to another one, leaving a gap for them to fall through. The incident is being categorised as an industrial accident.

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Although the injuries weren't life threatening, rescue workers said it was initially difficult to assess their severity given that the actors were kitted out in zombie costumes.

"I could see the look on the first paramedic, saying 'Oh my God,'" Toronto emergency medical service commander David Ralph told the AP.

"It did kind of catch us off guard when we walked in," added Toronto police sergeant Andrew Gibson.

[ SOURCE: Associated Press ]