Uncharted 3: stunning desert village gameplay movie

Almost five minutes of footage shows Naughty Dog has mastered yet another environment

The original Uncharted conquered the jungle and water, the follow-up repeated the trick with snow and ice, and Uncharted 3 looks set to continue the trend of mastering the elements and stunning environments with fire and the desert.


The gorgeous new Uncharted 3 gameplay trailer below shows off nearly five minutes of action set in a desert village.

The PS3 exclusive's November 2 UK launch date can't come soon enough if you ask us.

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Sony announced today that Naughty Dog's latest has officially gone gold, and to celebrate the landmark it said the third game in the series will include a code for early access to the Starhawk public beta.

For more Uncharted 3 goodness, have a look at the two chunks of gameplay footage we put up last Thursday. There's around 20 minutes in total.