Is Apple's iPhone 4S too powerful?

Debate: And will it hurt creativity iOS games?

We're a little worried about iPhone gaming, and given the platform's rather large sphere of influence, mobile gaming along with it.


Earlier this month Apple held a press conference and revealed the iPhone 4S, which packs an impressive dual-core Apple A5 processor - along with numerous other bells and whistles - within its modest shell.

Epic Games president Mike Capps demonstrated exactly what the hardware upgrade meant for gamers by showing off Infinity Blade 2 running in real time on the device, and It looked stunning.

Capps pointed out the hardware allows Epic's designers to implement visual techniques that rival modern gaming consoles, with a few tricks that even current generation home consoles haven't even seen. Other reports have said the game features assets and physics taken from Sony's God of War 3 for the PlayStation 3.

But does the iPhone need to be this powerful?

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We don't sign up to cult of console purists that see iPhone gaming as some sort of inferior breed of video games or anything, quite the opposite in fact; we've been known to spend many an hour building our Tiny Towers, we'll cop to more than a few toilet breaks spent playing Peggle, and even a commute or two firing angry little avians at pigs in glass houses. But for some reason we've got it in our head that the iPhone 4S' new-found power has the potential sour us on iPhone gaming.

Hearing that assets and technology used in console gaming can be so readily utilised on the iPhone 4S has sparked some worry that the iPhone's unique angle on gaming might be threatened since traditional gaming experiences are becoming easier to accommodate.

A whole new set of developers have risen to prominence by working within the hardware limitations to create interesting, unique experiences geared entirely for the iPhone. Publishers such as EA and Activision have struggled to find a foothold with their powerhouse franchises, resorting to buying up iPhone devs in a bid to claw their way into the burgeoning new gaming space.

But with the ability to bring big franchises to the iPhone 4S with ease it could be that more studios push larger, by-the-numbers experiences. We're well aware that there are plenty of second-rate shooters, racing games and the like available on the App store, but very few of them have the clout held by the likes of CoD or NFS, and more importantly the marketing dollars their publishers have.

So we're asking you, do you think iPhone as a gaming device is becoming too capable for its own good, or do you feel that the audience knows what it wants and the conventional gaming experience isn't it?

Do you think that developers and publishers will be enticed by the powerful new hardware and still come up with creative new games, or will they resort to pumping out quick and easy ports?