Dead Rising 3 - What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

We've been bitten by the Dead Rising bug.

Instead of handing us the cure Capcom has delivered a temporary remedy with Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, a reimagining of the second game that kicks Chuck Green out of the starring role spot and replaces him with Willamette's most intrepid photographer, Frank West.

But Off the Record isn't enough to satiate us, we need a proper sequel. Odds are Capcom won't be announcing one just yet and we probably won't be playing it for a few years either, but we're sure it'll show up eventually.

Last year the Japanese developer and publisher acquired Blue Castle Games, the Canadian studio that did most of the heavy lifting on Dead Rising 2, so it makes perfect sense they'd continue the franchise.

Here's a few of the things we want to see in the third game.


This is a tough one because as much as we hate the Psychos in Dead Rising we understand how important they are to the overall experience.

We love the idea of mentally fragile people becoming unhinged by the zombie apocalypse and going around killing, maiming and generally getting up to no good, it's the bit where we have to fight them that we're not too keen on. Specifically how unfairly difficult they are.

We're all for challenging games, and we've got a Dark Souls addiction to prove it, but most of the time Dead Rising's Psychos leave us feeling cheated. Defeating them is usually a case of figuring out a bug in the game engine that gives you the edge and then hoping you can exploit it for long enough to bring the loon down.

In the last two games Capcom has come up with a collective of gaming's most creative nutjobs, a few that stick out include Bibi Love, a washed up pop singer who kidnaps survivors and threatens to blow them up if they try and leave her show, Paul Carson, an insecure teenager with an inclination for arson and Steven Chapman, the manager of a supermarket who is hell bent on protecting his store from all threats.

We're all for seeing more of these kinds of characters, but we'd also like it if we had a fighting chance when we go up against them. Cut us some slack Capcom.

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