Assassin's Creed Revelations: 'Think huge sequences of high adventure '

The Assassin's Creed design team on creating Revelations' game world...

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Constantinople was a place where Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman came together. How did this influence your design work?

Raphael Lacoste: As Constantinople is the crossroads of the world and the centre of the spice trade, we used this as an opportunity to create a very diversified setting. The city is cosmopolitan, filled with people from Europe, Asia and the middle east. This was a great opportunity to design a crowd with a lot of variations in the designs and colours.

The city is also littered with monuments built during the Byzantine Empire and Ottoman Empire, we exploited this to create a nice contrast and diversity in the look of our landmarks and main districts of the game. Our setting is now rich from its historical legacy.

Will we see iconic locations like the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sofia and the Topkapi palace in Revelations? What role with they play?

Alexandre Amancio: Assassin's Creed Revelations includes all the famous landmark of Istanbul that were built at that time. Thus locations such as Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace Galata Tower and many more are present (Blue Mosque is not, as it was built in the 17th century and ACR happens in the 16th).

Many of these locations are home to secret locations, which in Revelations make a return and mark an evolution in the series as they are now epic sequences with high production values - think huge sequences of high adventure punctuating your overall experience.

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