Battlelog inspired by CoD Elite and Halo Waypoint, says DICE

Battlefield developer looked at all social networks and 'just sort of grabbed the good pieces'

Battlefield 3 maker DICE looked at a broad range of social networks for inspiration when it came to creating Battlelog, including gaming examples like Call of Duty Elite and Halo Waypoint.


Battlelog producer Frederick Loving told Gamasutra: "I looked at all social networks from Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, to of course [Halo] Waypoint and [Call of Duty] Elite. We looked at everything.

"That's inspirational for me just finding out what other people do and just sort of grabbing the good pieces out of it.

"Of course we're inspired by a lot of the social networks that are out there and they're all pretty common if you look at them," he added. "They have the similar feeds, they have similar likes, they have similar comments so there's a lot of common features amongst all social networks."

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Set to be accessible via console, web and mobile devices, EA says Battlelog will "change the way you play, track your stats, and interact with your friends in Battlefield 3".

In September, the publisher played down the possibility that it'll look to ape Activision's Call of Duty Elite service by bundling premium Battlefield 3 DLC with Battlelog for a subscription fee.

[ SOURCE: Gamasutra ]