DICE: We'll be judged on Battlefield 3 review scores

Developer says it is "sad" when top-rated games don't achieve the sales they deserve

"It's hard for a developer to be judged by anything but reviews," according to Battlefield 3 executive producer Patrick Bach.


In an interview with Eurogamer ahead of the game's launch this week, the DICE man said the studio has an internal Metacritic target for the highly anticipated shooter, but he wasn't prepared to make it public.

"It's always hard when you start a project to set the targets for quality, but that's kind of the only target you can set. That's a Metascore," he said.

"But of course, you set a target and say, if you're not above this we're a failure, or we think we'll hit around this target."

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Bach also said it's tough for developers when top review scores don't translate to sales.

"You can argue that game quality has to do with sales, but it's not equal... An 85 rated game could sell way more copies than a 95 rated game, which is sad for the developer, because the developer then gets a receipt on that.

"You made a great game, and then the sales tell you that you didn't make a great game. So it's hard for a developer to be judged by anything but reviews."

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[ SOURCE: Eurogamer ]