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GTA 5 - What We Want to See

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

After absolutely no build up Rockstar swaggered back into centre stage earlier this week and effortlessly stole the spotlight from EA's freshly released Battlefield 3 by officially confirming Grand Theft Auto V.

... and here's what you got: the GTA 5 trailer.

Before we had firm confirmation throwing together a list of what we want from the next GTA was a breeze: less linear driving missions, a setting outside North America, better vehicle control, the fun stuff from San Andreas, done.

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But now that we've been told it's a reality we're like a child in a toy store that's been told we can have anything we want. We're not going to settle for that paltry yo-yo we claimed to desire more than anything in the world, oh no, now we want the impossibly expensive mountain bike, the ridiculous race car bed, the overpriced Lego set with enough pieces to make a perfect replica of the Millennium Falcon.

So, we've come up with another list of what we want to see from the next GTA. While some of this will be familiar requests that we'd be remiss if we didn't mention, we've also gone for a few things that you might not expect. Such as...


For all its efforts in social commentary and cultural satire Rockstar seems to have missed a trick by giving the starring roles in Grand Theft Auto exclusively to men. For a studio that's shown it's got its finger to the cultural pulse the seemingly willful dismissal of women has been very disappointing.

Although they may take place in different cities, time periods and star different characters there's an underlying similarity in the narratives of each Grand Theft Auto: man comes to city, enters a life of crime, has to deal with lowlifes, thugs and creeps during his meteoric rise to fame, fortune and power.

Catalina got by through overbearing aggression, we didn't like her...

At a certain point it all becomes a bit too familiar. Story beats start feeling played out and characters get mentally placed on archetype shelves alongside similar scumbags encountered in previous lives of virtual crime.

The use of a female character would present a whole new perspective for Rockstar to play with. By now we can probably guess how things would play out if GTA V starred another gun toting male, but few of us can say what it would be like for a woman in a life of crime. Can a female become a kingpin of crime, or is she fated to spend her days dishing out hot coffee?

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