Unlock the Animus week 4 - no hints, no tips

Hints and tips? Nope, not this week, you're on your own

It's week four of our synapse-twisting, mind-bending Unlock The Animus challenge and with four of the five conundrums out of the bag now and the final puzzle dropping next week, competition is really hotting up amongst you budding assassins.

Normally we'd drop a new clue to solving this week's puzzle today, but since stand four is primarily a physics-based challenge, there's probably not a lot we can tell you, that you don't already know.

All we'll say is the key to solving strand four really is all about trial, error, experimentation and observation. Play around with the different variables of shell, shrapnel and powder seeing how load, trajectory and direction change in this mathematical application of the use of force.


We have to admit, it's better Assassins than us who've succeeded in solving these brain teasers, but keep going, because up for grabs is a fantastic prize in the form of an amazing trip to Istanbul for yourself and a friend, including flights, four nights of hotel accommodation and £500 spending money, plus a chance to tour the beautiful and historic Constantinople of the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods.

But don't worry if you're new to the game and haven't opened a single strand yet, there's still plenty of time to weigh in, solve the puzzles and have your chance to win!

And once strand five is opened next Tuesday, the very animus itself will unlock and there's some truly spectacular delights to come, we can say no more for the present, but exciting things are in prospect.

As a special treat for Assassin's fans, we've also got a bunch of exclusive interviews with the Ubisoft Montreal development team and the latest interview with Alexandre Breault Game Design Director and Alexandre Amancio, Creative Director explores some of the splendid new gameplay features you'll experience in Revelations, including the hookblade, ziplines and bomb making facilities.

Happy hunting Assassin.