Naughty Dog explains Uncharted's linearity

Giving the player too much choice would compromise the narrative

Naughty Dog creative director Amy Hennig has defended the linearity of the series by suggesting that branching level paths or dialogue trees would negatively impact the strength of its narrative.


She told Gametrailers (via Edge): "That's not really our genre. We like those kind of games, as players and fans of other games, but for the action-adventure - especially the pulp-adventure genre - that doesn't really make sense.

"It's about having a very clear, linear story arc that doesn't allow for a lot of the dilution that is created by player choice in some cases. We always call it 'wide linear' - within the path that we give, you have a lot of choice within it, it's not just hit this button, and this button, and this button.

"But we need that authorial control over the story to do what we're doing," Hennig added.

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