'Gears of War 3 is the same game I played and completed five years ago'

Mailbox: What's the big fuss?

On last week's mailbox Eelco De Vries e-mailed NGamer to discuss whether the recently revealed Nintendo 3DS Slide Pad does more harm than good to Nintendo's latest handheld.

This week Steve Tristan from little old Cardiff got in touch with Xbox World magazine to say he feels that the Gears of War series hasn't changed much over the years and that he's a little perplexed by the reception to the latest in the franchise.


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Over to Steve...

What's the deal with Gears 3, then? I'm not sure this is going to be a hugely popular view, but surely there must be other people out there who, like me, play that game and see NOTHING NEW?

It's essentially the same game I played and completed five years ago! And yet... I was going through your Facebook comments and all I saw were people in love with it.

So, seriously, what's the deal? Have Epic just done a spectacular job of convincing gamers that Gears 3 is all-new, all-singing and all-dancing? Or am I actually missing some massive part of it? I'm starting to get a bit paranoid. "Yeah, but what about multiplayer?!" some of you are saying at this point. What about it? It's the best Gears multiplayer there's ever been but it's still a variation on the same theme. Got to be honest here: I'm disappointed.

XBW says: Gears' biggest problem is that it got everything right the first time. Gears 3's story is junk, but everything else is refined and brilliant - though, as you say, familiar.

CVG says: While there might not be anything that completely reinvents the franchise in Gears of War 3 when it comes to satisfying shooters few games come close to what Gears of War offers. That's what critics and fans are responding to and what we feel continues to make the series exciting to play.