5 games next-gen consoles could improve in 2012

A few games we think should skip the generation...

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We thought Rockstar would save the numbered sequel until the next-generation, but clearly we were wrong. Maybe they should have though, if only to wield the extra horsepower the new machines could offer.

Though we've yet to see the level of intelligence from Grand Theft Auto 5's pedestrians, if they're anything like GTA 4s then - like Assassin's Creed - we think it could benefit from more advanced pedestrian AI. The player won't be the only criminal in San Andreas, so we'd like to see the citizens getting up to no good too. We want to see them mugging and car-jacking other pedestrians, or even car-jacking the player.

The pedestrians never really did anything of interest in GTA 4 beyond acting shocked when you yanked them out of their vehicles or charged them down with the bonet of your car. As a result the city always had an indescribable sense of lifelessness. All the signs of life were there, but it was almost as if we were playing a part in the Truman Show, walking amongst soulless figures programmed to walk about and drive up and down the street.


Obviously, this is exactly what they were but we don't want it to be so blatant.

We wouldn't mind some light destruction as well. Not Mercenaries-style destruction that sees the player level the whole city, but maybe blow a few holes in walls with an RPG or something. Even if it was just scripted destruction specific to missions we'd still welcome it. It would add a slight tactical nature to combat as you couldn't stay behind one piece of cover for too long but really it would just make the rampages we like to go on just that bit more fun. You could also leave your own mark on the city by...well you know, blowing chunks of it off.

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