Bonkers Saints Row: The Third trailer stars Burt ****ing Reynolds

Strap on Volition's open world action game from mid-November

THQ has launched a typically mental-looking new Saints Row: The Third trailer.


If you haven't been following events, the third game in the series sees the good life being enjoyed by street gang the Third Street Saints - celebrities with their own energy drink, clothing range and a legion of fans following the events of Saints Row 2 - threatened when they turn down the chance to join a notorious global criminal fraternity called the Syndicate.

THQ CEO Brian Farrell said yesterday he doesn't expect the newly revealed Grand Theft Auto 5 to overshadow Saints Row: The Third, reasoning that the two open world action franchises are very different beasts.

If you don't know why, you'll soon realise after watching the latest trailer. It features superheroes, spacemen, gimps, pimps, atomic ATVs, farts in a jar, dildo bats, destroyer jets, zombies, reaper drones, and Burt 'fucking' Reynolds playing what looks like the role of Sheriff of Steelport, the setting for your explosive war with the Syndicate.

Saints Row: The Third hits the US on November 15 and Europe three days later.

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