New Alan Wake to be standalone XBLA game

Is this Alan Wake: Night Springs?

Following yesterday's confirmation that an Alan Wake follow-up will be just one of the new games making its debut at the Spike VGAs next month, Larry 'Major Hyrb' Nelson has revealed the title will be a digital-only release delivered over Xbox Live.


Hyrb, who is Microsoft's director of programming, offered the information through Twitter, where he confirmed the Remedy developed title will be a "fully standalone experience released on Xbox Live".

Rumours from earlier this year suggested Remedy was working on a sequel for the Xbox 360 exclusive but not for the current generation of consoles. Instead, an Xbox World insider claimed it would be released for Microsoft's Xbox 720, or whatever name it is eventually given.

However, more rumours suggesting an Xbox Live Arcade title called Alan Wake: Night Springs appeared shortly after. The rumblings coincided with Oskari Hakkinen, head of franchise development at Remedy, saying there was more Alan Wake coming soon.

It's unclear whether the game will be developed and released under the Xbox Live Arcade banner or as part of its Games on Demand service.

The game will be making its debut on December 10, alongside BioWare's next project and Metal Gear Solid: Rising.