Modern Warfare 3's new 'airport massacre' swaps civilians for kid

Spoilerific video of controversial campaign scene isn't likely to stay on the internet for long

A leaked video of a scene from Modern Warfare 3 being dubbed the game's 'No Russian' equivalent has hit the net.


Modern Warfare 2's No Russian level saw players take control of an undercover agent forced to join a group of terrorists in an attack on a fictitious Moscow airport in order to maintain their cover. Players were not forced to kill civilians, but they could massacre them if they wanted.

For those keen to avoid Modern Warfare 3 campaign spoilers, turn away now.

The section in question features a family of tourists in London on a daytrip to see Big Ben. A cutscene in which the player cannot intervene shows a father taking a movie of his daughter and the girl's mother when a truck pulls up and explodes beside them, blowing them to bits and releasing some sort of toxic gas.

Players are given the opportunity to opt out of in-game content which they may find disturbing with no penalty. Nevertheless, this is the part of the game that will make the headlines for all the wrong reasons when it launches next week.

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