The secrets of the GTA V trailer: PSM3 Podcast 55 now live!

Plus, Dan's dinner with Ken Levine and our thoughts on Uncharted 3 and Batman

Is that really Tommy Vercetti in the new GTA V trailer? What's the significance of that jewelry store robbery? Will there be multiple playable characters in the game? What do 'amoeba' have to do with it all? Find out the answers (sort of) to all these questions, and more in the new PSM3 podcast. It's not all GTA talk either - also included is a section where Dan reveals the story of his recent dinner with BioShock creator, Ken Levine, and the team round up the games they're playing and loving right now.

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- A fascinating hands on with Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, where 'Scrolls expert Andy Hartup gets three hours with the game to do as he pleases.

- Massive reviews of Uncharted 3, FIFA 12, PES 2012 and Batman Arkham City.

- Stark opinion on 'why easy games make you a weak baby', and 'why PSN's pricing structure is broken'.

- Plus, all the usual news, previews, rants, tips and killer buying advice from your favourite PS3 mag

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