Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim review - First verdict is 95%

First Skyrim review arrives in Aussie mag

The world's first Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim review has arrived via Australian mag Atomic, which brands the Bethesda RPG with a tasty 95% score.


In its review the mag states that bar the occasional "mood breaking" AI moment, Skyrim's "beautiful sprawling world" more than lives up to expectations for both fans of the series and newcomers.

"Ultimately Skyrim is a lot like Fallout: New Vegas - there are some flaws but they pale into significance compared to the sheer scope of the game," it says.

"This is a very successful game that will be much loved by the RPG fans out there - and for people who've never really got the whole role-playing thing before."

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A Skyrim review's also due in the next issue of PSM3 UK next week.

If these words have you absolutely gasping for Dragon hunting goodness, calm yourself with videos showing the first 28 minutes of Skyrim. Obviously, there's plenty of spoilery material in there.

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Skyrim's out on November 11. Watch us unbox the £130 collector's edition, why don't you?