Modern Warfare 3: Elite service hit by problems

COD Elite suffers from login and load errors

Alongside Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's launch last night, Activision also launched the brand new Call of Duty Elite service, designed for serious COD players, but it seems it's already been hit by problems.


If you are an Elite player, don't panic just yet though, they're mainly issues of the teething variety with the sheer volume of players registering and the simultaneous launch of the new service causing problems with login.

"We are aware of the issue," said the Call of Duty Twitter feed, "Surge of new Elite registrations is creating reg & login issues. Teams are working now to increase capacity."

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The Elite page also advises users to be patient. "Please note the "password" error on login is being caused by this registration load issue. You do not need to change your password."

It seems that the service is working okay as well, it's just getting into it which is the current cause of woe. But never fear players, all your COD Elite data is being recorded and will be available once these teething problems are cleared up.

"Service is capturing all MW3 gameplay data. Data, heatmaps, and activity will be waiting for you upon registration", confirmed the Elite Twitter feed.

Indeed, it's rare that all goes smoothly was such a huge simultaneous operation and things may well have cleared up by this morning. So if you're a COD Elite user, let us know your experience of the service in the comments field below.