Call of Duty Elite sign-ups 'exceed expectations', blamed for outages

Rush of activity 'creating a bottleneck' that Infinity Ward is rushing to fix

Beachhead have issued a statement regarding the server outages experience by Call of Duty Elite subscribers today.


It seems the service has been overwhelmed by a number of gamers that exceeded expectations.

"Registration requests for our new live service Call of Duty Elite are exceeding even our most optimistic expectations, which is creating a bottleneck and some players have not been able to register," reads the official statement on the Elite status page.

"We have already registered hundreds of thousands of players and we are working around the clock to increase our capacity as quickly as possible," it adds.

"Please be assured your gameplay data is safe and that whenever you successfully register for Call of Duty Elite, all of your data will be waiting for you. So enjoy the game, start ranking up and we assure you we are working around the clock to accommodate every player who wants to be a part of Call of Duty Elite as quickly as possible."

[ SOURCE: Official Site ]