Video: Joey Barton's MW3 antics caught on camera

Footballer goes to war at London launch

Bad boy footballer Joey Barton's appearance at the Modern Warfare 3 London launch event has garnered some attention - and not all of it to do with how rubbish he is at Call of Duty.


Alright, to be fair to Mr. Barton, the latter's probably up for debate - unlike Wayne Bridge he can actually pull off a knife kill. What's not unclear is Barton's impression of the Old Billingsgate Market clientele - specifically the ones from Essex.

After bumping into the Only Way is Essex crew at the event, the QPR man tweeted: "Some strange Z-list celebs, I was half expecting Dean Gaffney with Wellhard and Susan Boyle ... it was a who's who of b*llends. Just for the record the TOWIE helmets were there, all of them together. FREAKS."

Charming. Earlier at the launch party Barton took to the stage to take on fellow sports personalities including German ex-footballer Stefan Effenberg, 43. He didn't win.

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[ SOURCE: Video: Joey Barton's Modern Warfare 3 antics caught on camera ]