Modern Warfare 3's secret 'Mother Of All Bombs' pointstreak - video

The latest Call of Duty's answer to the Tactical Nuke

Videos of a secret Modern Warfare 3 pointstreak have started hitting the internet following the game's launch yesterday.


The M.O.A.B. (Mother Of All Bombs or Massive Ordnance Air Blast) is a 25 pointstreak reward available with any Strike Package. It's earned by getting a 25 killstreak, not including strike package kills.

When activated it kills all enemy players on the map and causes an EMP effect that cripples enemy equipment, electronics and pointstreaks for one minute, according to the Call of Duty Wiki.

It also unlocks double XP for the remainder of that match for the entire team that used it.

Unlike Modern Warfare 2's unpopular game-ending Tactical Nuke, the M.O.A.B. does not end the game.

Check it out in action:

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In separate MW3 news, Infinity Ward community manager Robert Bowling said on Twitter that the developer intends to deal with cheaters severely.

"1st round of #MW3 bans going out," he said last night. "Any player attempting to play unfairly or boost rank will be banned from leaderboards and from playing."

Asked specifically how cheaters are being dealt with, he later added: "By banning them from playing, removing them, and making it so they can never rank on the leaderboards again."

You have been warned.

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Modern Warfare 3 looks set to break day one entertainment sales records, if Activision's record pre-order and day one shipment figures prove accurate.

[ SOURCE: Call of Duty Wiki ]