Rainbow Six Patriots gameplay video - Dissected

Ubisoft's shooter goes under the microscope...

The first ever showing of Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto 5 is a tough act to follow but we've got something very interesting for this week's Dissected: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Patriots.

Rumblings of a new Rainbow Six game first began in late October when Ubisoft secured the domains Rainbow6Patriots.com and RainbowsixPatriots.com, hinting at both its existence and providing a possible moniker for it.

Rainbow Six Patriots was officially confirmed a few days later along with word that it's being developed by Ubisoft Montreal, with Ubisoft Toronto and Ubisoft Red Storm lending a few helping hands. Along with the announcement Ubisoft bundled in 'preliminary target gameplay footage'. Although the video isn't a representation of what the developers currently have, as is evident from the 'not actual gameplay' message plastered on the bottom, it is a representation of what the studios are working towards.


The video opens in the living room of a rather spacious, conservatively decorated house. For a brief few seconds the combination of soft colours and bright, natural looking lighting makes the scene look almost photorealistic. It could be that a new engine has been put together for the project.

A few jerky camera movements later and an arm comes into view and grounds us in the body of an unnamed man. As he turns a bit of floating text gives offers the player the option to turn on the TV or use the nearby iPad, our thoughts immediately dart to Heavy Rain.

The TV comes to life as a news report name-drops the 'True Patriots'. According to the little information Ubi has provided in this game Team Rainbow take on a terrorist threat called the 'True Patriots' (no, not the La Li Lu Le Lo). The a homegrown threat is a highly-trained, well-organized revolutionary group that claims the American government is irrevocably corrupted by greedy politicians and corporate special interests.


The news report comes to an abrupt close as a provocatively dressed female character wanders into the scene and switches the television off. Naturally, he doesn't complain. His missus catwalks over carrying a baked treat with a candle in it, she wishes him a happy birthday and leans over as prompts pop-up telling the player to 'blow out candle' and 'kiss wife'. But before the foreplay can heat up the doorbell rings...

As the lady of the house opens it a group of men burst in and push her to the ground, the first of the trio proceeds to slap her about a bit while the other two stride over and put to rest any thoughts of helping her out with the butt of a gun.

We rejoin events as our man regains consciousness tied to a chair with the gleaming tip of a knife pointing at us and the arm of its wielder resting on our knees. His rolled up sleeves reveal tattoos on his arm, the kind you might get if you've spent some time in the military. In the background a child's wailing can be heard and as he raises his captive's head up he coldly delivers happy birthday wishes, throwing in an accusation of "cashing in on everyone else getting foreclosed" with it.


His demands are simple: do exactly as told or they'll "field dress her like a deer, the kid too". Our man's calmness is a harsh contrast to his wife, who is visibly terrified and lets out stifled moans of horror at the mention of children.

"You're coming with us, no matter what happens you get yourself to Time Square," says the terrorist before his lackey delivers us into the darkness of unconsciousness for a second time, "Hell Tread-way subject four is activated" are the last words we hear as our vision fades.

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