Rayman Origins success could help Beyond Good & Evil

Love BG&E? Buy Rayman Origins and you might see more

If Michel Ancel's latest game, the brilliant Rayman Origins, does well it could open the door for the producer to work on other, bigger projects - like the Beyond Good & Evil sequel.


So hints Ubisoft's senior VP of sales and marketing Tony Key, who advises fans of Ancel's games to snap up the quirky platformer.

"Ultimately, Rayman is [Ancel 's] original creation, and if all the people that love Beyond Good & Evil understand he is more than a one trick pony... and that if Rayman: Origins does well, it gives him more leeway for other opportunities because he has to build up his studio," said Key.

He went on to draw parallels between the two games. "Just like how Beyond Good & Evil had a whimsical style but included gameplay for adults, Rayman: Origins will appeal to more than just younger gamers."

Key also says that, despite the lack of a sequel, the BG&E fan base is still growing thanks to the digital re-release. "Beyond Good & Evil HD is doing very well on PSN and Xbox Live and there's a lot of people coming back, and if they choose to do a sequel the audience is bigger than before."

Unfortunately the confirmed BG&E2 won't becoming to the current generation of consoles because, as Ancel explained previously, "it's a complex game" and the developer has "had some technical issues".

[ SOURCE: Industry Gamers ]